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    Initiative for sustainable management


    Good news at Almit: We are part of the Initiative for Sustainable Management in Hesse!

    Good news at Almit:  We are part of the initiative for sustainable management in Hesse!
    The question of how we, as manufacturers and distributors of soldering agents, can produce and work as sustainably as possible is a constant companion in our daily work. With our actions, we want to contribute to ensuring and improving the ecological, economic and social performance in our society.
    One thing is clear to us: we at Almit stand by our word. Greenwashing, empty promises and window dressing are simply not our style. Reconciling the three pillars of sustainability mentioned above is a very complex task that cannot be met with trivial solutions. But the more we know and understand, the more attentively and consciously we can approach the challenge.
    The Sustainable Business Initiative supports companies in motivating each other for the topic of sustainability and provides a platform for exchange. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal serve as orientation for implementation.
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