Flux of lead-free Solder Pastes

    Flux Flux classification Particular advantage
    NH (LVA)
    100% halide-free
    ROL0 reduces voids, improves printability
    MR-NH ROL0 even appropriate for applications with an area ratio smaller than 0.6
    100% halide-free
    ROL0 micro dispensing
    NH (IMT)
    100% halide-free
    ROL0 characteristics like L1 paste, still perfect after long open time
    NH-JLB ROL0 also for bismuth solders for jet printing
    N2 recommended
    ROL0 acryl based viscoelastic flux
    G40 A
    N2 recommended
    ROL1 acryl based viscoelastic flux
    SNTP ROL1 solder paste for package-on-package (POP)
    for powder size (N)
    ROL1 super fine pitch component size 01005
    for powder size (G)
    ROL1 solder paste powder size 6
    INP ROL1 designed for indium based alloys
    MHS-32 ROL1 designed for tinn-zinc alloys
    GT-Serie ROL1 high preheat resistance, perfect print shape
    SUC-Serie ROL1 O2 Reflow, wenig Lunker / O2 reflow low voiding
    PZV ROL1 perfect for low peak-temperatures
    H-FA ROL0 laser applications
    MDA-5 ROL1 jet printing paste for MYDATA U
    MJD ROL1 jet printing paste for Musashi R5-20
    SSI-M ROM1 laser application
    TM-HP (O) ROM1 long open time
    SBR ROL1 ideal for bismuth alloys

    Lead-free Solder Paste Alloys at a Glance

    Alloy Composition Melting range Particular advantage
    LFM-65 Sn-58.0Bi 139°C very low melting range, Sn-Bi eutectic
    LFM-89 Sn-57.6Bi-0.4Ag 139–168°C very low melting bismuth alloys with increased strength
    LFM-78 Sn-57.0Bi-1.0Ag 139–179°C very low melting bismuth alloys with increased strength
    LFM-31 Sn-8.0Zn-3.0Bi 190–203°C also usable with temperature profile of Sn-Pb alloys
    LFM-70 Sn-3.5Ag-0.5Bi-8.0In 194– 206°C low melting range, SABI
    LFM-96 Sn-3.5Ag-0.5Bi-6.0In 202–210°C low melting range, SABI
    SJM-03 Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-2.0Bi-α 210–225°C low Ag, high solder joint strength
    LFM-90 Sn-1.0Ag-0.7Cu 217–224°C JEITA recommended
    SJM-35 Sn-3.5Ag-2.0Bi 216–220°C high Ag, high solder joint strength
    SJM-30 Sn-3.0Ag-2.0Bi-1.0Sb 216–224°C high solder joint strength
    LFM-48 Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu 217–220°C SAC, JEITA recommended
    LFM-73 Sn-1.0Ag-0.5Cu 217–226°C low Ag, SAC
    LFM-86 Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu 217–228°C low Ag, SAC
    LFM-34 Sn-3.5Ag eutectic 221°C Sn-Ag
    SJM-40* Sn-4.0Ag-2.0Bi-3.0Sb-α 221–227°C high Ag, very high solder joint strength
    LFM-57 Sn-5.0Sb 235–240°C high melting range
    LFM-74 Sn-10.0Sb 246–258°C high melting range, Sn-Sb

    Powder size: X, W, U, N
    All our lead-free solder pastes are available with the following flux content: 11-14%
    *SJM-40 is patented under: JP PAT Nr. 3045453
    SJM = Strong Joint Metal
    LFM = Leadfree Metal

    Favored product combinations for Almit solder pastes

    Alloy Flux classification Laser & inductive soldering Reflow soldering (SMT)
    (SAC 305)
    L0 HF-A MR-NH
    L1 - GT-Series
    M1 SSI-M TM-HP(O)
    (Sn, Ag, Cu, Bi)
    L0 HF-A NH(IMT)
    L1 - GT-Series
    M1 SSI-M TM-HP(O)
    LFM-96 L1 - INP