GT-Flux for Solder Paste

GT-Flux Solder Paste

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Our Almit GT-Flux solder paste has excellent wetting performance even with ultra tiny pads, outstanding and consistent wetting properties under a wide process window starting from standard to high preheat reflow conditions. Our Almit GT-Flux solder paste is also able to solder various types of metal surfaces including Cu, Ni, Brass and phosphor bronze.

While using our GT-Flux solder paste, no N2 is necessary for soldering which saves a lot of money. Even the operating speed can be increased very much regarding to much faster soldering cycles can with our GT soldering paste. This increases your productivity on a very high level.

This advantage can be seen in the following videos:
This video proves the high quality of our GT soldering paste. The paste is all gathered and there is no remaining solder powder at all.

This video shows the outstanding wetting performance while 0.15mm off set print of out GT solder paste (especially with low-silver alloy).

Another good example of the outstanding quality of your GT soldering paste is the comparison to a compatible paste of a competitor. The following videos show our GT soldering paste while printing in THR application. In comparison to the competitors paste, our GT-soldering paste can even be used without Pre-Forms:

Almit GT-soldering paste
- No dripping solder balls during pre heat
- GT soldering paste wets up very quickly
Competitors paste
- Heavy dripping paste during pre heat
- Compeitors paste not wetting up at all