Lead Free SJM

SJM – lead-free with perfect strength

Lead-free soldering wire with the same characteristics as wire containing lead cannot be possible?
Get to know our SJM series and discover an alloy with perfect strength.

An Innovative Solution

The soldering pastes and soldering wires in the SJM series are the results of extensive development work by the Almit research department. Whilst general lead-free alloys used up until now already begin to show cracks after 500 cycles, the patented SJM 03 for example even remains intact after 1,500 cycles and shows no cracks whatsoever.

With perfect strength

The SJM series delivers a new dimension in strength to lead-free alloys. And so the initial strength of SJM 03 compared to the usual SAC 305 alloy used shows an improvement of 6%.

The added metals and their advantages

  • Bi (bismuth) increases the tensile strength and resistance to tearing, increases the long-term reliability.
  • Fe (iron) minimises wear on the soldering tip
  • Sb (antimony) ensures even better long-term reliability
  • Ga (gallium): prevents oxidisation

The strength after 2,000 cycles can even be up to 33% higher. Even for a still higher strength there is an optimum solution:

SJM series lead-free alloys:
Silver content from 0.3% up to 4%.

Ideal with through–hole contacts

Characteristic for the SJM series alloys are the superlative wetting and working characteristics (RMA compliant). In this way they are ideally suited for soldering on through-hole circuit boards.

sjm series

SJM series – ideal for through–hole circuit boards

The advantages of the SJM series at a glance

  • lead-free
  • no crack formation
  • perfect strength
  • a silver content of from 0.3% to 4%
  • patented alloy
  • ideal for through-hole soldering

What does SJM stand for?

"SJM" stands for high-strength alloys with particularly high strength. There is no crack formation when the solder joint hardens.

"SJM" steht für hochfeste Legierungen mit besonders hoher Festigkeit. Es kommt zu keiner Rissbildung bei der Aushärtung der Lötstelle.

srs ram nc

We tested SRS RMA-Nc SJM with conventional soldering wires. With a clear winner.

The winner of the test for fl ux splashes

Test method: Spot soldering onto a copper plate using a soldering robot. The copper plate lies on thermo-paper, count of fl ux splashes on the thermo-paper.

almit sjm series

Quicker is better

The test shows that you have a faster speed of wetting with the SJM series soldering wires.

almit sjm series

SJM-03 is the winner of the test for strength & price

SJM 03 is convincing: higher strength and lower price than the standard alloy.

Test methode: from -40°C to + 85°C with a 30 minute holding time on a 1206 structural element.

almit sjm series

SJM-40 – the muscle packet of the SJM series

SJM-40 even fulfi ls the highest demands. Along with bismuth and antimony it contains a higher silver content and guarantees high performance in long-term reliability. Even with very high temperature changes SJM retains its perfect strength.

right arrow high strength
right arrow contains bismuth and antimony
right arrow high silver content
right arrow particularly reliable