Environmental protection as corporate principle

    Surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Odenwald at our headquarter at Michelstadt, we notice every day how precious and important a healthy environment is for everyone. The impact which our modern society has on the environment and nature concerns all of us. A sustainable and ecologically-friendly production has been one of our most important company objectives for a long time.

    Almit’s Environmental principles

    We Ensure

    Full transparency regarding all production and delivery steps.

    We Research

    And develop new, innovative and environmentally-compatible products.

    We Utilize

    Recyclable materials for our production process and treat the resources economically.

    We Use

    Energy from environmentally compatible, renewable sources wherever posiible.

    Dodd-Frank Act, title 15 (sec. 1502)

    Almit pledges not to use any raw materials for its soldering products which might serve to finance acts of war in Congo or its neighbouring countries in accordance with the US act from 2010.

    The Almit Environmental Principles - What do they stand for?

    Our tin is sourced exclusively from an RMI-approved refinery.
    All our tin suppliers are RMI-certified.
    Almit employees have travelled to tin mines and refineries to inspect them on site
    Almit gives recycled material from solder bars to raw material recycler
    History system for products: Product samples are kept to monitor changes in the material

    Solder wire and solder paste: 10 Years
    Flux: 15 Years