Compendium Expert Reports Overview

    Flux Types

    Flux Types in accordance with IPC-J-STD-004


    IPC is a global trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and fi nancial success of its member companies which represent all facets of the electronics interconnect industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly.


    Printed circuit boards are also

    sensitive to moisture

    It is common knowledge that SMD components such as QFP’s, BGA’s are sensitive to moisture however LED’s and ceramic capacitors are too. But printed circuit boards must also increasingly be treated as Moisture Sensitive Devices, in particular Multilayer, flex-rigid PCB and Flex circuit boards.


    Contactless soldering by laser radiation

    Of decisive importance: solders and soldering flux

    Laser soldering has established itself as a single soldering process in recent years and increasingly replaces conventional soldering processes. Nevertheless laser soldering is expensive and the large advantages of laser soldering also present disadvantages.


    Soldering Tips & Working life

    How to also achieve optimum results with lead-free

    Copper core

    Tellurium copper, material with reduced oxidisation, easily cut. Responsible for the thermal conductivity of the soldering tip.


    Physical properties

    of lead-free alloys