Company established and simultaneously is successful with the practical application of aluminum-use solder ssss.



    Aluminum-use solder selected in the "11th Notable Inventions" by the Science and Technology Agency.



    Factory and laboratory established in ChoFu-shi



    A world First, non-chlorine high-efficient resin-core solder KR-19 is developed.



    Nihon Almit's solder KR-19RMA is adopted by NASA space shuttles.



    First research lab opens in Akiruno-shi,Tokyo.



    Capital Funds increased to 50,000,000 yen.



    Micro Joint Laboratories established in Akiruno-shi.



    New headquarters building completed in Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku.



    Production Technology Center established in Uenohara, Yamanashi-ku.



    Almit GmbH in is founded in Germany, near Stuttgart.



    Production Technology Center #2 Production Management Building completed.

    Nihon Almit (all companies) received ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certiFication.



    Nihon Almit & Micro Joint Laboratories acquire ISO 14001 Environmental Manage-ment Systems certiFication.



    Shanghai Almit established.



    Michael Mendel, now responsible For the management of Almit GmbH in Germany, moves with the company to Vielbrunn.



    Almit Thailand established.



    Almit GmbH in Germany moves to a new industrial park in Michelstadt, near Frankfurt, opening a new logistics and management building of over 1000m2.

    Nihon Almit

    Founded in 1956 in Japan, Nihon Almit is one of the pioneers in the development and manufacturing of solder wires. The basis for the company's rapid and constant growth were several excellent inventions such as soldering agents for aluminium or a solder to join nickel-chromium wires with bi-metals.


    Today, Almit is one of the leading providers of solder wires, solder pastes and of course lead-free solders, which are successfully applied in the automotive, medical technology and aerospace industry, as well as in the field of consumer electronics.


    Almit’s first big project was the invention of the first solder for aluminium soldering in 1956. It became a huge success, as it was used – among other projects- for the Japanese highspeed train „Shikansen“. In 1982, Almit literally reached for the stars: its solder wire KR-19 went to space as part of NASA’s space shuttles – the international breakthrough for Almit. In 1984, an additional development centre was set up in the city of Akiruno, enabling the company to manufacture outstanding sprecial purpose solders during a period of rapid growth of the electronics industry. In the year 1985, the company was awarded a price in the „10th Invention Grand Prix“ for its achievements in product development and also won the „Distinguished Service Award“ granted by the capital city of Tokyo.


    Almit - Figures, Data, Facts

    Almit belongs to the Top 5 of the internationally leading producers and distributors of soldering material.

    4 headquarters (Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden).

    Partnership with 27 distributor companies all over the world.

    About 250 permanent employees.

    Annual production: more than 1500 tons of solder wire and solder paste.

    Almit's product portfolio


    Almit's main sectors