Boost up your production standards!

    The solder wire innovation DB-1 RMA LFM-48 reaches a new dimension of wettability with its dual boost. With the combination of a fast and a persistent activator, this wire offers an optimal soldering result. In this way, you achieve a reduction in process time and a long-term reduction in manufacturing costs, even for oxidized components. The innovative microalloying almost completely prevents oxidation of the soldering tip and also enables enormous cost savings in this way by reducing soldering tip consumption and labor costs.

    Short facts

    almit_a Dual activator
    almit_a SAC alloy
    almit_a Microalloy gentle on soldering tips
    almit_a ROL1 flux classification
    almit_a RoHS-compliant

    Special advantages

    almit_a Uniquely fast wetting behavior
    almit_a Shortened process time
    almit_a Long-term reduction of manufacturing costs
    almit_a Significantly less flux splashes
    almit_a Reduction of soldering tip consumption

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