Technical Know-How


This publication, "Technical Terms of Soldering", primarily in addressing electronic engineers and technicians involved in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Its main objective is to offer a rough-and-ready overview of the various phenomena that occur during soldering as well as to highlight possible problem areas within the current and future technical development of soldering. My sincere thanks go to President Mr. Makoto Sawamura as well as to his employees of the R&D Department of the Nihon Almit Co. Ltd.

SJM – lead-free with perfect strength

Lead-free soldering wire with the same characteristics as wire containing lead cannot be possible? Get to know our SJM series and discover an alloy with perfect strength.

Protect your soldering tips from erosion and oxidation with the innovative micro-alloyed soldering alloys in the patented S Line and the new M Line.

Gummix – The best seller for good reasons

You only become the leading seller if you are better than the rest. Like the Gummix series from Almit. Gummix soldering wires have superior qualities with a high-performance flux which either completely prevents flux splashes or reduces them to an absolute minimum.

Gummix Series

Our high potential flux for laser soldering without flux spitting. New Gummix-Flux available with several cost saving and productivity increasing features!


GT-Flux for Solder Paste

Our new GT-Flux for solder paste is the perfect flux for THR soldering. It has great wetting characteristics and can even be used without PreForms!


New M-Line for Solder Wire

Our new released M-Line is the follow-up for our well known S-Line. The M-Line has even higher anti tip-wastage features with a new alloy composition. This can save you pure money and increase your productivity!


SJM – Low Silver Lead Free Alloys

Due to steep rise of metal costs, examination of low silver Pb free solder is on the rise. Low silver SAC alloys have not been adapted to SMT assembly so far. Our SJM Solder especially improves thermal fatigue.