S Line + M Line – life insurance
    for your soldering tips

    Protect your soldering tips from erosion and oxidation with the innovative micro-alloyed soldering alloys
    in the patented S Line and the new M Line.

    Erosion and Oxidation

    Up until now people thought there is no material which protects against erosion of the soldering tips anyway. High time to think again. The patented S line has successfully shown that the use of the correct alloy very strongly reduces soldering tip erosion and in this way can significantly extend the life of a soldering tip.

    What is valid for the S Line and erosion really only applies to the new M Line with reference to oxidation. For the new M Line can not only reduce oxidation, but almost entirely prevents it.

    A New Generation of Alloys

    The S Line and M Line open up a new generation of micro-alloyed alloys from the Almit research laboratories, which newly define the soldering process through their revolutionary characteristics. The increased micro-alloyed iron content in the alloys minimises the iron removal at the soldering tip and ensures a long working life.

    Reduced erosion + reduced oxidation = reduced costs

    The formula is as easy as it is correct: The less erosion and oxidation you have, the more precise and faster the soldering tips are and so the less you need to use them, or the less often you need to change then. And that saves money considerably.

    Convince yourself of this.

    S Line – the S class amongst alloys

    The continued increasing use of lead-free solder also additionally speeds up wear and tear on the soldering tips. In comparison to solders containing lead the wear and tear of soldering tips when using lead-free solders is up to 3 x higher.

    almit sline series

    The S Line from Almit redefines protection against erosion: Through the reduced iron removal from the soldering tip wear on the tip is reduced by 50 – 70 %.

    S-Line and M-Line

    Alloy Composition
    LFM-22 S Sn-0.7Cu-α
    LFM-41 S Sn-0.3Ag-2.0Cu-α
    LFM-48 S Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu-α
    LFM-86 S Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-α
    SJM-03 S Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-2.0Bi-α
    LFM-48 M Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu-α&β
    almit sline series

    S Line in a Comparative Test

    We tested and compared wear on the soldering tip using S Line compared to a conventional lead-free solder.

    The result: The reduction in wear using the S Line is 86 %.

    almit sline series

    The advantages of the Almit S Line at a glance

    Cost reduction through minimization of the erosion

    • reduced soldering tip wear (up to 86 %)
    • reduced soldering time and costs of work
    • reduced soldering tin used up

    Allow yourself to be fully advised of the many advantages of Almit S Line.

    M Line – prevents oxidation

    The life expectancy of a soldering tip is not only determined by the degree of erosion, but also by oxidation. An oxidised soldering tip only melts the solder or wets the soldering tip with difficulty or in the worst case not at all.


    The new M Line from Almit does not allow this problem to occur at all in the first place, as it almost completely prevents the soldering tip from oxidising. We have developed an innovative micro-allo-yed alloy with increased gallium content for this.

    almit sline series
    The increased gallium content (Ga) contributes to preventing oxidisation of the soldering tip.

    Through the alloy in the M Line the flux flows towards the solder joint. A small amount of soldering tin remains on the soldering tip and prevents the iron layer from oxidising.

    almit sline series

    The advantages of the Almit M Line at a glance

    Cost savings through a reduction in oxidation

    • reduced soldering tip wear
    • reduced soldering time and costs of work
    • reduced soldering tin used up

    Now you can greatly reduce both the erosion as well as oxidation of the soldering tip.

    Test the M Line out.
    You will be convinced.