Almit Flux Pens, the perfect supplement for reworking and repair work for simple and optimal dosing and application of flux agents.

    Flux pens - overview

      Description Solids Content Specific Weight
    BM-5000 Flux Agent Set
    • The set consists of 1 x 250ml bottle BM-5000 flux agent and 4 empty refillable pens.
    • BM-5000 ist ein “No Clean”, resin-based flux agent, ideally suited for reworking and repairs.
    • The set is available in various pen versions.
    • The flux agent BM-5000 can be ordered separately. It is available in 250ml bottles, 1l bottles and 5 l canisters.
    60.0% 1.081
    Refillable Flux Pens
    • With their brush tip, the refillable flux pens are excellent for applying flux even onto minute areas.
    • They are easy to use and the flux amount can easily be controlled by varying the pressure on the reservoir.
    • They are small in dimension and - depending on the version - ESD-safe.
    • The pens are available in various versions (filled or empty)
    • Refillable with flux agent BM-5000, available in 250ml bottles, 1l bottles and 5 l canisters.
    27% 0.925
    Flux Pen RC 15
    • The flux pen RC 15 enables applying minimal amounts of flux agent to the board during rework applications.
    • The precise dosing of the flux amount significantly reduces rework with regard to bridging.
    • Version: Pen with felt-tip applicator, non-refillable.
    12% 0.821

    Accessories - overview

    Name Description Properties
    KDS Plastics dosing needle for 5cc, 10cc and 30cc cartridges.
    • Available with 0.43mm, 0.61mm, 0.86mm, 1.22mm and 1.6mm inner diameter.
    • VPE 50 pcs
    Flux Off "Lead Free" Powerful flux remover for flux residues on lead-free solder joints.
    • Available as 200ml spray with brush applicator.
    Solder Tip Activator
    Almit Solder Tip Activator is a mixture of lead-free solder powder and flux agent. With its special composition it cleans and protects the solder tip in manual soldering as well as in robot applications.
    • Available as 40g can