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    Solution resistance

    Method for determining the insulation properties of a soldering flux designated in the JIS standard Z 3197-1986. The objective is to determine the electrical resistance of solder wires, solder paste, liquid and solid, and rosin-containing fluxing agents in water solution. The samples are prepared according to the following table:

    Type of fluxing agent Sample preparation
    solder wire with flux core Extraction in 35% isopropyl alcohol solution
    solder paste liquid flux
    liquid flux finished product
    solid fluxing agent finished product
    rosin flux finished product

    A sufficient quantity of any sample listed above is poured, together with 50 ml of demineralized water, in a beaker, which is then covered with a watch glass, heated and brought to a boil in about 5 minutes. It is left to boil for about another minute and then allowed to cool at room temperature for about 10 seconds. Finally, after cooling in a water tank filled with 20 °C warm water, the sample is then ready for testing. A conductivity meter is used for the immediate testing of the resistance in the test fluid.