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    C10 H16. Monocyclic monoterpene and derivative of p- methane which has a lemon-like odor. Main component of the detergent EC-7 used by AT&T (USA) as a substitute for CFC 131. Limonene occurs in two enantiomers, d and l, of which the former is contained in the aforementioned cleaning agent. D-limonene occurs mainly in bitter orange peel oil, lemon oil, bergamot and other citrus fruits, whereas l-limonene is found in peppermint oil, pine needle oil etc. The chemical structural formula of d - limonene is similar to that of rosin-containing abietic acid. Since the lime- based EC-7 cleaner has a low ignition point at 47 °C, flushing of the assembly after the soldering must be done in a nitrogen atmosphere. After cleaning with EC-7, it is necessary to rinse surfaces with water. See also EC-7.