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    Kiss Cleaning

    Purification technique, in which a brush impregnated with the flushing solution rotates on the board, improving contact with the soldered side (for through fixings) and removal of flux residues. Normally, removal of flux residues and cleaning is not generally advised as it may damage the module. In this method, however, the flushing solution does not come into contact with the components so that even relatively cheap and strong bleach solutions can be used. The use of alcoholic solutions is not possible, except on special corrosion- resistant components. In the last step, cleaning is executed by a pump-actuated shaft. Since the cleaning is carried out in a very short time, the chemical energy of the solvent must be amplified by the rapid rotation of the brush and high pressure. A disadvantage of using this method is that if the cleaning time is modified, correct tuning of the solvent requires a painstaking evaluation of results over several months.