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    Chelate compound

    A type of activator material for fluxing agents, used, among others, in solder paste, in which a polydentate ligand forms a coordinative bond. Since, as illustrated below, this ligand is similar to a jaw surrounding a central atom or group (for example NH 2 (CH 2 )2NH 2 or O(CO) 2 O), such complexes are called chelates after the Greek Χηλη ( chele), meaning “ crab claw”.

    Such chelating agents can be used as precipitation agents (dimethyl-glyoxime, oxine and acetylacetone) or as soldering flux additives, cleaning agents, stabilizers or masking agents for better isolation and purification of metal salts. When the multidentate ligand binds to a metal ion, the resulting compound is more stable than the compound containing an ordinary ligand. This is called the chelate effect.