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    Basic grid

    For example, when signal cables are connected to the pins of an IC, the density of these conductor tracks is determined by the pin spacing (lead spacing, pitch). As shown in the table below, this distance is set to 2.54 mm in the JIS standard. Therefore, the basic grid of conductors has a field spacing of 2.54mm. Based on this grid, hole positions, track paths and the relative positions of the component outline are indicated by the XY coordinates. If pin spacing is decreased, the solder paste used for mounting must be selected in a way as to match the specified pattern.

    Grid spacing on PCBs
    Grid type JIS IEC
    Basic grid 2.50 or 2.54 mm 2,54 mm
    Auxiliary grid ½ or ¼ of the basic grid 0.635 mm or 0.5 mm if smaller spacing is necessary
    Grid spacing on PCBs