Nihon Almit, Mother company Japan

    Nihon Almit engages in the research and development of products that innovatively advance world standards. We also focus our efforts on universal ecology to contribute to the global environment.
Protection the Earth, nature, and people by developing technologies that meet the needs of the times is important to us.
    Trusted at the cutting edge of universal standards, our technologies are supported by our positive principles and R&D as well as our deep, complex consideration and understanding of client problems and demands. 
Always fine-tuning our response and organizational structure, we constantly endeavor to improve the quality of our products and sales information systems in order to achieve sincere relationships with clients in Japan and across the globe.
Firmly resolved to reach the imposing goal of coexisting in harmony with the Earth, we strive for social progress and tomorrow’s technologies by incorporating a global vision in tune with the environment to bring joy to the next generation.


    Almit UK

    “Almit UK was established in 1994 to support the UK and other European markets with Nihon Almit solder products. Twenty – five years on Almit now enjoys a strong market presence throughout Europe.
    Almit’s quality and reliability is recognised across many industry segments including Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical and Industrial Electronics. We also have a very strong presence in Robot Soldering applications.
    We work with our partners and colleagues internationally to offer the best support possible as part of the Team Almit.”


    Almit Sweden

    Venso Elektronik AB was founded by Roland Olsson in 1986. We started to import and sell measuring and inspection equipment. After 2 years, we supplemented with soldering equipment and Wire Wrap tools from Weller / Cooper Tools. (Today Apex). In 1991 we were contacted by the car manufacturer Volvo. They had a problem with finding a solder wire to work with a nickel wire. Through Roland's contacts in Japan, we got in touch with Nihon Almit Ltd, which had no export business to Europe. Nihon Almit solved the soldering problem for Volvo.
    Venso Elektronik AB became Nihon Almit's first customer in Europe 1991 Venso Elektronik AB was very successful in selling Almit's solder paste to the Scandinavian electronics industry. Especially to the telecom company Ericson. We started Almit AB, which served as a central warehouse for sales to various European customers. In 1994 Almit Ltd was started in the UK to support Japanese customers with production in England and telecom companies in England. Year 2000 Almit GmbH was started to support customers in Germany and Central Europe.